Why are you guy’s working on so many projects/software instead of making 1 application perfect like CIS! ? CIS still have a lot of work left.

indeed, CIS still has a lot of work to do. i.e. BOClean & CMF integration,database improvement,etc
but don’t worry, each Comodo project has its own team. :■■■■

Maybe because there are many Comodo users around that wish for both.
Considering that perfect is a goal that can never be attained different people could likely consider a lot only fit to describe a never-ending race to perfection.

Even if a a lot is interpreted to represent the whole number of user submitted suggestions whenever these don’t actually clash with each other,IMHO it would be reasonable to leave the task of prioritize them to

as it is undeniable the effort and commitment to free end-user security Comodo carried so far.

I has been a wery long way now since Comodo started to carry this onerous task.

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You should not take “perfect” literary, everybody knows that’s impossible.

Sorry, I don’t understand the rest of what you wrote :SMLR (english is not my first language) Keep up the good work (R)

I like that Comodo has multiple projects. I currently use CIS and the registry cleaner. I agree they both could use some work. On the other hand, I think they are both great as is. CIS is improving rapidly. I can’t wait for the next release that has heuristics. I just hope it does not become bloated as they add features.

Every project we have does have enough people working on them! Increasing the number of people working on a project beyond the optimal number will have adverse project on the project. I believe we have reached this optimal number for our projects.

Each product is in constant improvements, you can easily see that by checking the history.


Melih HATES that bloated stuff! I don’t think he will allow it. :slight_smile: