Why you'll keep getting hacked - Half of American adults were hacked this year


Kind regards, REBOL.

All I have to say is—15 years online, never hacked nor infected.

I was once hacked back when using windows 98, he used different methods to talk to me including notepad which was kinda amusing, guess he was kind of showing off…lol…so after I knew I had been hacked I kept trying to lock my system and network down to finally I managed to keep him out permanently, once I figured out he was using the dynamic dns service I was using to find my IP address quickly and disabled it which brought me time to lock things down it was all down hill for him…lol…since then never been hacked again, but guess looking back I got lucky as the hacker was friendly enough and wasn’t intent on doing any real harm ;D

So you obviously never have done a single online purchase in your whole life, right, Dch48? And you’ve never been over there at ebay, never registered at avast forums and the like?

I’m just asking, because (btw) “getting hacked” is not just about one’s personal machine getting directly intruded, it’s covering quite more than that, including the loss of private data that should, perhaps (at least by certain standards) have stayed private. So maybe you’ve already been “hacked” by those means without being aware of it?

If someone else - even without you knowing about it - should’ve been secretly reading your PM’s, emails etc. without your personal permission, well, then I’d rather say, you have certainly already been hacked.

So, are you still sure you’ve NEVER been hacked?

Kind regards, REBOL. :wink:

I have done all those things you mention, and more. I don’t consider the gathering of information to be a hack. A hack is when someone else gains control of your system and actually steals sensitive data or uses it to infect others. That has never happened.

So, maybe?, our personal definitions on what’s a hack and what’s not a hack (and what’s - as you named it - “sensitive data”) seemingly tends to differ somewhat. No problem with that, mate. That’s certainly not your fault.

I have done all those things you mention, and more.

So you’ve been hacked going by my definition. More than once. Pardon me. :wink:
So your system seems to have been “clean” for 15 years or so. Reminds me of mine. :a0

PS: Since the whole Internet now has been convinced of having been hacked / intruded / “durchforstet” (if you will) as we now tend to prefer naming it over here in Germany, using an archaic word: http://en.bab.la/dictionary/german-english/durchforstet

it cannot be denied that we’ve all been hacked “from head to toe”.

Kind regards, REBOL.