why you make people's life hard

I received CIS program update yesterday and it updated old ver8 to ver10. I say updated, but it has just messed up everything.
First there was an almost the black screen on the Comodo interface, so I understood that newer version could be incompatible with old, so uninstalled and downloaded the new installer. But this new installer seems to be only 5MB in size and it’s online installer, I wanted offline-full client installer because I always install firewall/antivirus with disabled internet connection. Where did full installer go? why only online?! make both installers please and so that people could easily find it on the Comodo website.
Second and my main problem was that I can’t import my backups (again!). After choosing import in the configuration, it does nothing. As I understand it must be incompatible again with newer version, and what I should do now-make and write all my rules which I created before from scratch?! do you know how much time it takes!? This happened before when we updated from ver7 to ver8 (if you remember) and now this happens again, I don’t know how to call this, mistake or carelessness, because I can’t understand why backups must be incompatible again and again.
The next one I didn’t like are these new themes, don’t like their look-intensive white background which gives chaotic (for me) look. I liked Flat Tile Theme, it’s gone now.
The name “Sandbox” changed with “Containment”. Isn’t sandbox more commonly understandable term for its meaning!?
I downgraded to ver8 and will use that.

Please post feedback in appropriate section.

I think this section correlates to what I have written but I will post there too.