Why you have to duplicate and triplicate files?



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It’s enough with .msi installer files duplicating and triplicating around ‘C:\Windows’ directory so you come and do the same of little intelligence and inefficient thing, not to mention wasted disk space, 1 copy is sufficient & enough.

Also why you have 2 virus databases for Clean Endpoint and another for CAV? I modified CFW to add CAV and now it’s downloading another set of .cav files and making another inefficient and unnecessary file copying, YOU NEED TO BE EFFICIENT COMODO.

Also add a pause and resume function to the AV database downloading and make possible that only incremental updates can be downloaded only after the big first initial one.

BTW, why Endpoint and CAV, aren’t both the same?


Add to this, quadruplicate Comodo Rescue Disk (CRD):


I don’t know if there was already 1 or more .iso file(s) or it duplicated 1 or more copies when I downloaded it. Why do you do this? can’t you see it’s unnecessary therefore useless? Also I’d like the CRD wiindow to have the first step (I like the nice green ISO icon BTW) to have 2 options: ‘Browse…’ and ‘Download’ and the download option would ask me where to save the .iso file; I’d like to save it with the other Comodo installers, not in some unknown C: directory, and CIS would remember where the .iso file is, in case it needs it again.