Why?Why? CTM wont install Win7 64bits?

I’ve used quite successfully CTM in my XPPro notebook starting from the alpha stage ,but now I cant install
(…a subsystem is missing, … uninstall…etc.)
as it wont open up on reboot whatever i try.
The only other program ,apart from CIS, is Prevx.
(but I had Prevx on notebook as well…)

Disk has 3 partitions-C 55GB system active,E 50 empty,H 390GB with 16GB used of data.
Win7 64 bits the only OS.

Can someone from Comodo developers please state that it is indeed possible to use it on 64bits machines,so that I can still have a hope to solve the matter in the near future?

Try right clicking on the installer and select “run as administrator”.

Already done. Actually i always do that in win7 when installing.

Sorry that didnt help. :frowning: I only suggested it because i remember one time CTM wouldnt install in a VM for me so i tried that and it installed correctly. It was worth a try :-\

Hi, CTM supports Win 7 64bit. About the problem you met, please uninstall CTM, then try the new ctm( https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews-ctm/comodo-time-machine-25129464157-released-t51059.0.html;msg364777#msg364777). You can check if all the files are deleted completely after uninstallation. Any results, please tell us, thx.

Best Wishes.