Why we need Firewalls/Suites & more...

An interesting Theme,

personally i say no one ever need these “Tools”

Every OS has the capability to stay secured, with an rich set of included Tools (except Firewalls)

The most effective Tool to hold PCs secure is Brain.exe… very powerful to see Attacks/Malicious behavior in advance before any action can follow.

I have never need any Program like FW/Suites and more to stay secure (included Windows) ,and never had an Infection from Malware. I test my Machine from Time to Time ,but no Malware present after over 10 years…

The most ridiculous Feature from FWs is: Save you from Hackers! LOL? There are only very few Hackers in the World with enough technical know how to break quietly into an PC… and these People are never interested to hack one of these PCs.

Btw: Botnets & so on… its easy to detect them as User when you know your System.

Use the Internet with Caution & the most Problems are gone + save your Money…

have an nice Day O0

Unfortunately some people come without Brain.exe and don’t surf smart in fact my friend fell for a IM link while on facebook WHILE ON MY COMPUTER luckily i had good protection but she didn’t know any better.

Though i wish people would actually take the time to learn how to use a computer and not randomly click ads while on the Internet they wont so that is why we need protection.

brain.exe is a standard part of the human O/S. You also need to download the third party tool - knowledge.exe and patch it with experience.dll.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I have no need for industrial machinery, so obviously the rest of the world also has no need. :wink:

I have never crashed my car but I still wear a seat belt.


cool comparison. can i get more info about brain.exe



i know in many cases dont mather if the human OS has experience.dll.
and many ppl find very difficult to use knowledge.dll
that why the normal user need DACS(Do as comodo says)
to be able to keep his computer clean

^^ i like that… :-TU

but like most things with age brain.exe and knowledge,dll becomes a bit corrupted.
computers are lucky.they have engineers to fix their old age.
us humans arent so fortunate lol. (V)

how do i obtain this brain exe file? Thanks

download.com i think lol!!!

He’s making a joke. He’s saying if you use your brain, your computer will not be infected.

aa okey. lol :smiley:

brain.exe is very very prone to infection.lol!!!

It can get easily corrupted by alcohol.sys (:TNG) then all bets are off!:■■■■

alcohol.sys that is the worst infection known to man…this infection then spawns hungover.exe lol!!
then you need to install alka seltzer.exe for immediate recovery…not nice at all lol.!!!

im almost sure my brain.exe get corrupted
im sure this post had another tittle and it was changed and moved without any notice.

eyes.dll and think.dll are also important files, without them as a security layer terrible things can happen.