Why was RejZor banned?

I ask just by pure curiosity…

I don’t say the decision was wrong in any way… Just that I feel interested to why…

Because he expressed negative opinion towards COMODO.

Hmm… =) so thats the official explanation?

A side question: Why are you not a mod anymore? :slight_smile: I would like to recall that you was a mod before… :o could be mixing together names thou.

Really!? So Comodo can’t take the bad also with the good?

If that was case, you, along with numerous other users every day, would also be banned. You know that’s not the reason.

What exactly was the reason then? ???

Acording to RejZor himself he thinks he was banned for a reason similar to what was posted by Commodus… Even if he never got any “reason” really, he was just banned. (just how I have understood it… I don’t know RejZor personally)

So now I was interested in this… Maby someone knows more…
the one banning perhaps?
I have a hard time seeing why a guy like RejZor are not welcome. He posted in my mind constructive critic (something I think comodo has been and are asking for with threads like “how would you rate CIS and what to improve”…)

Still I have not read his every post… (and Iam not going to claim that I have fully read all rules of this forum)

And maby he was baned due to a good reason… But what this reason is… Is of my interest… Since I don’t wanna do the same misstake! =) ;D :wink:

Please check your ■■■ RejZor.

Thanks for responding to this thread FaZio93.
:slight_smile: are you basically suggesting that TheEcho is RejZor? :wink:

And can you check the PM folder while banned? xO

Everything has been worked out. This thread is no longer relevant.
Don’t worry Monkey, this doesn’t involve you. :slight_smile:

Mods can see what others can’t. :wink: