Why was hips enabled by default and enhanced protection mode ticked?.

??? Hi Chaps. I downloaded the latest version yesterday .39 and noticed that the hips was enabled and so was enhanced protection mode as well. I understood that enhanced protection mode was for 64bit systems and mine is 32 bit. Should i untick this?.

Also Hips was enabled when Cis was downloaded.Should this be the case as default, as i understood it may use more resources when enabled but offer no extra protection unless i had other protection settings disabled.


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Comodo Proactive Security?

Same situation here. Mine is set to Proactive Security.

Hi. Yes mine is the same as cruel sister Proactive security.I take it that Hips and enhanced protection mode are enabled when in Proactive security mode?.


From my understanding, yes, you should untick that for 32 bit systems.

Yes, proactive security enables the HIPS and enahanced protection mode.

when a 32 bit system has proactive enabled it should not enable this.
cis should note that option is only for 64 bit systems and grey it out on 32 bit system and note to the user this is not needed for their computer nor would it offer additional protection. or maybe just not even show the option at all on 32 bit systems but this may cause some confusion for users who compare their cis to their friends. this option difference may also cause complications with exporting config from a 64 bit system and importing to a 32 bit system and vice versa unless comodo makes cis notice the system difference and acts accordingly. if importing from 32 to 64 give prompt during import to choose to enable enhanced protection

For the X86 system (HIPS is disabled)

  1. The enhanced protection mode is disabled.

  1. The enhanced protection mode is enabled.

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