Why \VritualRoot instead of \VirtualRoot?

I did the search before posting this. All I see is mention that the mispelling was intentional for the folder name of where disk redirection goes. Okay, I’ll bite. Why the mispelled folder name? It’s not like a mispelling is going to magically make malware unaware of the folder. Was there some other product that used the same root folder name so CIS had to come up with something a bit different? If so, why wouldn’t something like Sandbox.CIS be more appropriate?

I noticed the mispelling when I had to add the folder as an exlusion in my backups (to ensure that they did not include any files under there). I had actually defined some prior backups jobs with \VirtualRoot since I manually entered the path in the exclusion list. I didn’t catch it at first.

I think Sandboxie is using that folder name already. To prevent mix ups it was changed.

With so many names to pick from of which none are misspelled, it just seems childish and stupid to use something just slightly different than a folder name already used by another product. Just add the company name to the path to ensure highly unlikely that some other company uses it for their product’s folder, like “Sandbox.Comodo”. So if Comodo has an office suite then we should expect it to go under “\Program Files\Mocrosift\Effico” instead of “\Program Files\Comodo\Office”? Considering the technical expertise needed to produce such a good firewall and okay anti-virus product, it just seems ridiculous that misspelling is the solution to produce a unique folder name.

Gotta love the devs… :smiley:

Haha, Vanguard calm down. :smiley: You kind of have a valid point (and I like the Effico suite), but I guess it’s more of a joke then a serious name. The folder’s hidden anyway.

Sorry for digging up this old thread, but I just stumbled upon that folder and at first thought it was a trojan. :wink: