why using "COMODO" as a brand??

hi (:WAV) (do i post in wrong section?)

WHY —> COMODO as a brand? what COMODO means? all i know, comodo is an animal (dragon) that lives in comodo island. i think it’s funny to name a software like that.and to be frankly,at the first time i downloaded Comodo, i feel …(well,what do i expect from a Free product?at least it’s free ;D), but ofcourse i’ve realized that i was completely wrong. CAVS & CFP are god’s most perfect creations.;D

it’s really hard to convince other people to switch to comodo (my personal experience), i think one of the reasons is the name. “comodo?” what’s that? why don’t you offer me some “chicken AV” or “bull AV” instead?
so anybody got opinion?

This may explain:



I remember when people said that Wii sucked as a name for a videogame console… But thanks to it people talked about Wii even more and now that it’s so famous I don’t hear that the name sucks anymore. As they say, there’s no bad publicity, just publicity. :wink: If people like the products they won’t complain about the name.

Anyway Comodo didn’t sound fishy to me when I first heard it. :smiley:

The name Comodo actually excited me wen I first kno it, and it wont disapoint me.

The name that I disliked and felt fishy at first but then seem good product is SUPERAntispyware.

why? Do u kno abt a brand claim itself as ‘the 2nd best in the market’ that really increase sales revenue?
If u claim urself as no.1 or best, superior , it just cause doubt to me.

If Comodo change their products name became super blah blah blah, i feel awful abt that.

(:WAV) hi, thx for replying
you’ve got a point there, i really like a cool name, not a fancy or extreme name (super bla2 ;D )
let say… i like AVAST or SYMANTEC, it sounds really more “hi-tech” than using an animal name. but, hey who cares bout the name, right? as long as it good & free, we’ll get it!!!


so ganda, u dun like Panda products too, but nevermind, Panda is not free xcept the antirootkit.

actually, i dun like da name Panda too (sounds lil weak, obedient, childish…) but I totally like da name Comodo (strong,powerful). ya, according to East Asian calendar, I was born in dragon year.

I don’t know what Avast! got their name from, but pirates usually say ‘avast’ a lot, so maybe got something with pirates to do.

And I like the name Comodo, of course! ;D


yeah, hate PAnda AV, it’s not free, the name’s… well : Ugly.

avast! and pirates? that’s interesting. somebody know bout it?

avast is a term used by pirates as a word which means stop. Also instead of a regular quarantine section or vault, it has something called a virus chest :slight_smile:

cool, virus chest?? avast is really a pirate AV ;D

Well not only pirates, the good guys used it as well I guess :slight_smile:

interj. Nautical Used as a command to stop or desist.

[From Middle Dutch hou vast, hold fast : hou, houd, imperative of houden, to hold + vast, fast; see past- in Indo-European roots.]

who are the avast’ creators? sailor? ;D. nice name.