Why Use Comodo Dragon?

Your product information page for Dragon really does you a disservice. It is too general, and offers little in the way of compelling specifics. You would have a LOT more users if you provided some meaningful information.

For example, you say: “Has privacy enhancements that surpass those in Chromium’s technology.” Well, that really isn’t saying anything at all. In fact, it says nothing. How about some actual details?

Let me help you out.

THE #1 reason most people would use dragon is this: they want everything chrome has to offer WITHOUT being tracked or logged by anyone, and especially by Google. It’s that privacy thing.

That said, you need to give some meaningful specifics about it’s functions, and you also need to:

  1. Make it abundantly clear that there is no tracking of usage by, or communication back to Comodo (if that is the case), and…

  2. There are no google hooks that still allow google to track users, as might be the case with google’s own chrome release.

If you want to present a simplified, abbreviated feature list, fine…but add a (MORE) indicator and give AMPLE concrete specifics about why people should use your product. Those privacy details are important.

It’s nice that it’s free, but so are browser toolbars, etc., so people still need some reassurance.

Yes, and i would love to hear if there were any changes to the engine itself, does it handle page loading, flash and HTML5 differently from other chromium based browser per example, if yes then go into more details…

Also, SPDY is being used, that is automatically goes through Google’s servers, so they can obtain information.
Encrypted does not mean that they cannot un-encrypt it.

I should also add that you should not be hesitant about spelling out any limitations or downsides to Dragon upfront. People can handle known imperfections better than omissions, and to the extent that Dragon offers even incremental privacy enhancements and/or other improvements over Google’s own browser, that gives it worthiness. Please do rework your product information to be substantially more detailed and informative.

To put it simple. Dragon is a Chromium based browser without the Google spyware and some specific Comodo added security functions. Comodo does not specifically modify the engine but the removal of Google stuff makes it faster…

I hope this is a fairly accurate summary. If it is not I trust Salamander and other staff folks will tell…

thats what its said on the download page, i just would have liked if comodo had put a little more detail…

bottom line comodo is vague on what dragon offers on the product page which could have 2 effects. 1 turn new users away for lacking useful info or 2 make users feel like they are extremely secure if they use dragon. both of which are bad. the issue isn’t that the details of dragon can’t be found it’s that they can’t be found on the product page. I have also complained about this issue. I’m not saying talk over the users head but at least put a link on the product page where the user can get more detail if they want.

Dragon doesn’t really much else to offer it’s users except removal of some Google stuff and added Comodo stuff.

*stuff (lacking detail).

Google Search and Google Analytics counter the Google removing features, so it is like they are still gathering information regardless. That is all beside SPDY.

Putting Google by default is the first problem, people use the first that shows up, usually.
One thing Comodo can do is give the users a prompt if they would like to keep Google or switch to another option, after clean installation.

i think you are a little paranoid about google getting data from you, i don’t blame you but its not just google who gathers data about user (there has been some fuss about googles problems but still…)

An old selling point for Dragon was that flash is not included. Is that still a selling point?

I am not paranoid, I just feel that Comodo is doing something a bit ironic by using/keeping Google for search and Analytics.

What’s SPDY?

SPDY is made by Google to make all traffic go through one server, instead of many, so that you get data much faster, so you see websites load at a much faster rate. It actually saves the sites, even as the sites update, so that the content is easily available.

Ironic that SPDY makes my navigation much slower on Firefox, FasterFox Lite is much faster than SPDY.

If my explanation was incorrect, here is the link to an article:

 Have to say the Google search is by far the best. Bing is just like the old commercials with search overload being avoided.    I misspelled a word was checking it in IE. Bing gave me a whole page on the foreign word I spelled. No option of the correct English word.  Ended up typing Google into Bing to get to a search engine that works.  Any off topic and Bing has no chance of finding it.

Hmm…are you familiar with StartPage.com, Qrobe.it, or Scroogle.org?
You can still search Google but without them observing you much.

I’ve been using DDGo from some time now, what irritates more about google is the search localization (something i can configure on DDGo)

Awesome! My motto “Duck it or **** it.”
(Patent Pending)

To get back to the orginal subject of this thread, I completely agree with windowsuser. Take a look at how SRWare explains the features of their Iron browser: SRWare Iron - The Browser of the Future They do a much better job of providing details about Iron than Comodo does about Dragon.

  • Very easy to install or uninstall extensions
  • Option for opening in Incognito mode
  • Opens PDF’s and plays videos on YouTube without needing to install extensions for them