Why "Use a predefined policy" is grayed?

I use Defense+ With “Learn safe only” setting and I am unable to assign a predefined policy to new and old apps.
Can anyone reproduce this issue?

EDIT: Nevermind I found out that My predefined policies are gone (but I didn’t delete them)

Anyone could please post the reg snippet for those predefined defense+ rules?

Hi gibran

The attached ZIP contains Registry Exports for both the Firewall & HIPS predefined rule paths. I believe they’re complete.

[attachment deleted by admin]

That helped a lot.
I still have to find out what happened. I cannot confirm this to be a bug, this should be likely my fault so I have to watch out to see if this happens again. :-X

No need, it has already been confirmed as a bug in both Alpha’s… although it was much worse in the first release. I was originally going to post this until I realised that you’d discovered the problem. It’s been reported into the both Alpha Bug Report topics with some suggestions (backing up/restoring CFPs Registry path) & resolutions for those with the start-up issue (merely preventing CFP from from automatically starting).

Yep! now that you mentioned it I started reading the first bugreportig thread. It never crossed my mind to read that one :stuck_out_tongue: since it was too long :o

I Just found your bug report there

BTW There is no section for suggestions about V3alpha. There will be one after the beta will be out?


It’s probably because the Alpha will not be around long enough to warrant it. :slight_smile:

The beta will be out on 16th. Another week to go. I hope they’ll add some minor enhancements to the interface before the RC will be out. Maybe I’ll be able to set up two polls One for suggestions and one for bug reporting.

This way we’ll have a easily accessible list and info about tester bound to each entry.

You’ll find out eventually, but just to let you know now it’s out today. :smiley: