Why update resets all previous rules!!!

First of all thanks for great firewall, but i dont understand why update erases all previous network and application rules…

Also i read through forum and one of the best option too add is “Import/Export Rules” which is not difficult. A simple XML file would work !

Best wishes,

I have heard this a couple of times before. It must not touch anything. How did you update? Can you tell us the exact steps you followed so that we can see if something is wrong?


Merhaba Egemen,

First of all, updater warned that there is a new version. I always prefer to download the software, and downloaded from …/download/setup.exe

Once i run setup.exe, the installer asked for removal of previous version. Just after clicking on Yes, “Restart computer” appeared.

Cumputer restarted, and i dont remember whether it automatically continued installation or not. Agreement window appeared and asked me “Auto or Manual rules” etc. I checked auto configure and all rules were gone away.

And i uninstalled latest version. And restored computer to previous day. Then, installed old version. I had registry entires of rules, inserted into registry. Restarted CPF. Everything was fine, rules were there.

I tried re-installation of latest edition. Followed same steps, but at this time i preferred Manual settings. Installation was complete, but rules again disappeared.

I know, these informations are not helpfull, but that was all.

PS: OS is Win XP SP2 with latest updates, AV is F-Secure


Merhaba Cem,

Unfortunately when the installer uninstalled, your settings was lost. Only through the automatic updater those settings can be preserved.

Another feature for us to put there i think.


Hi Egemen,

I had a similar issue. Toady was the first time I had used my computer for 4 days. CPF notified me of update and I allowed it to happen. While it retained all my rules and settings when I rebooted it asked for them all again and duplicated them in the Application Monitor.

I removed the duplications after accepting the new rules, but found if I removed the wrong duplication it asked for the rule again. In the end I found it easier to remove all the rules and start again.