Why Unseen? encryption really does work ?

Check it now & share your opinion https://unseen.is/

Do you have Frends any experience with that ?

They just said

With Unseen, you keep the key, so it’s not possible for even possible for us to read any of your messages.

In spite of what some people say, encryption really does work, it really can protect you. Governments, banks and professional spies rely on encryption. If it didn’t work, would they use it?

Encryption uses a series of digits (the “key”) with special formulas to scramble your message so only your recipient can unscramble it. That “key” is very difficult to guess when you use strong encryption, there are so many possibilities. Many other services that offer encryption keep the key, but getting a copy of the key from the service is the easiet way to break in to your messages.

Im using it & Im thinking if Comodo can do better . Where is a Comodo mail service :THNK Melih know ? where is my costerin[at]comodomail.com address

Well AFAIK Comodo will increase security/privacy online(only Melih knows more details), but I don’t think we will have a Comodo mail service.

I don’t think I would use Comodo Mail Service even if it were to be a thing, simply because it would probably be hosted in the USA, or at least I assume it would be. I moved my e-mail to one in my own country for a reason, Iceland would work too. 88)