Why two scheduled scans?

It is not clear why two-scheduled scan? Why two and why? Why second? It gives and what to scan? If the first is the same. Just another day of the week. CIS 5.10

Its the first what i disable.
Then auto quarantine.

Usually i cant remember when or even if i made a system scan.
They do not make much sense if you are carefull, having an antivirus and a host intrusion protection running.

They could make sense if you disable the antivirus for a while.
But THAT would not make sense :smiley:

I do not understand. What can delete a scheduled scan?

You can disable the shedule. Mark “Dont shedule this task”.
Right click on a predefined scan entry to edit it.

OK. Thank you for the answer

Scheduled scans are useful in case something with no signature slipped by
When a signature becomes available for that file a scheduled scan will detect it
shouldn’t be an issue with D+ in place but its all about layers

Shouldnt it be detected at access then?
I dont know a reason for a sheduled scan.

it would only be flagged by the AV if there was a current signature
if there wasn’t one the scheduled scan would detect it once there was a signature

Then again, CIS always scans files as soon as they are loaded into memory. Thus, the next time it is attempted to run, even if a scheduled scan was not run, it should be caught by the on-demand scanner (which in V6 uses the cloud). Thus, I always disable them for my computer.

However, can you imagine what other websites might say if Comodo shipped out CIS without scheduled scans? ???