Why two local networks?

I started out with only one and now CIS 3.9.9… shows two.
Local Area #1: / and
Local Area #2: /
I am serviced by WiFi.

Why two? Just trying to learn how all this works.

In checking with WhoIS all are Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, Marina del Rey, CA.

Hi CU9876, welcome to the forums.

Don’t worry those are LAN IPs (Private IPs, not used on the Internet). Probably you and your router (gateway)… but, it could be another PC or even a printer. Can you tell me something about your set-up?

When Windows doesn’t see a network it can connect to it will hand out an IP address in the 169 range for the situation you would like to make an ad hoc connection to another system. The fact you have a network in the 169 range only means you had problem connecting at one point. You can safely delete that entry.

The other network in the 192.168 range is your local network you are connecting to. You can keep this.

It may not necessarily have been a network problem. Many set top boxes like Verizon’s Motorolla set top boxes communicate throughout household networks by broadcasting 169.254.x.x addresses. This is what happened to me before I found out it was just CIS blocking these broadcasts. I had to create a global rule to block and not log.

Thanks for reminding me of that Fazio. (:NRD)

Thank you.
Every time I delete the #2 network it pops back up within a couple of days.
I am serviced by a WiFi service provider (signal received by antenna), I am behind their router, but no router of my own. Do I need one?

When you are not using a settop box then the network in the 169 range will pop up when you have a problem connecting.

You can delete it each you see it, leave it or disable the automatic detection of new networks under Miscellaneous → Settings → General. All solutions are equally good. Comodo only detects new networks but that doesn’t influence your firewall configuration.

It is common courtesy of the firewall to register new networks. This way you can use it to create a trusted network using the Stealth Ports Wizard.