why this website not opening properly???

hi good evening frens…
i had a small problem.hope it wil be solved here with ur suggestions.
see da below link.this is a wapsite used for mobile baanking in INDIA.

Mod Edit: The following link is a direct download to an unknown file type.

when i open this website its not opening properly/but…but…this website being opened in firefox/ice dragon with one addon installed.
link given below for that addon XHTML mobile profile addon


now my doubt is
1.why da above is not openin in chrome/dragon browsers?
2.k after installin xhtml mobile profile addon/extnsn in firefox/ice dragon the above wapsite is working i mean opening properly/
so is there any addon for chrome/dragon browser similar to da one available for firefox/ice dragon
3.at present if that addon unavailable wats other solution to get that wapsite working in dragon?
4.is there any idea of inserting any changes to dragon so that wapsites also wil be opened in future witout any addons???
thanks lot.waiting for reply.sorry for any mistakes in making da thread,am new to forum

Mod Edit: Specified the direct download link, Captainsticks.

Hi srinivasmv419,
Please do not post direct download links without at least specifying that it is a direct download.