why this happening ?

I am using CIS on Windows 7 RC 64bit, sometimes when I start some programs it shows me an alert and almost everything stop responding, so the only way is to restart !
I have attached an image of alert, i noticed this happens mostly with lingos dictionary and objectdock !
i know how should i handle them, but why this is happening ??
should not CIS let me answer the question ?!

[attachment deleted by admin]

Do you mean you can’t click on Ok ?
Are you trying to click on Ok using a TouchPad (on a Notebook/Laptop) ?

If yes read on, if no ignore this:
I found that when a window like this popped up, CIS stopped the TouchPad from working until I clicked Ok but I could not click Ok because the TouchPad was not working (Catch 22)

The answer was to plug in a USB Mouse (I had to borrow one) and click Ok then all was good after that ;D

All the best, woz of oz

No !
I am using wireless mouse and keyboard !

Perhaps what Lingoes did and/or asked for prior to that alert is the key. If Lingoes installed shell hooks into explorer.exe or messed with the videoing rendering layers/screen or some other major OS component prior to that alert, then it is possible that Lingoes could stall the system or “appear” (video rendering) to hang the desktop whilst it is waiting for access to the keyboard (which it probably doesn’t expect to be denied or even have to wait for).

So, in this case, assuming you fully trust Lingoes, you either set it up as Trusted Application (you can do this in advance) or switch Defense+ into Training Mode and then run Lingoes through it’s paces and return it to your normal Mode after training it.