Why this happen again??

Pls mod, pls, help me, I can’t stand this anymore!
I’m running opera, dragon, lingoes, fetion and avast! 5.1, surely there will be in&out connections, but firewall shows NOTHING! I’m sorry to complain again, because I’ve posted one topic before talking about this issue, but still this problem exists! It makes me feel unsafe……
PS: Don’t ask me to check whether I’ve installed or uninstalled any programs that may cause this happen, it works ALL RIGHT several minutes ago, but now, it SHOWS NOTHING! This occurs everyday!
win7 ultimate chinese simplified + avast! free 5.1.889 + UAC
OK, I surrender, I’m too tired of being faced with these kind of problems, now I’ve deleted it and clean the system and reinstall firewall, if there is still any problem, I will report

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