Why there are no new firewall updates?

Why are there never any updates when i try to update for any new definitions like other firewalls?

I think all the CPF team are heads-down, nose to the grind stone working on the next release of CPF.


Firewalls do not use definitions because they do not detect viruses or spyware. Firewalls only need to update when a newer version is available which is why the updater is there. When an updated version is released the updater will download and install it.

Thanks for the reply guys,love the firewall. (:CLP) (:WAV)

Your welcome, glad you like the firewall, be sure to recommend it to your friends and family so they too can use this great firewall :smiley:

I advertise it on every forum i go to,glad to help. (:CLP) (:WAV)