why the huge difference of download file size?

I downloaded 2 Comodo Firewall installation files - one from c|net (31.XX MB) and another one from Comodo website (14.XX MB). Why are the big difference in file sizes since they are of the same version? Even of it’s some updates or fixes it shouldn’t be that big a difference?

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Checked out CFP in CNet. Notice that its version is This is the old one.


yes the file on c|net is a little older than the one on Comodo website. but now why is it that a slightly newer version is A LOT (more than double) smaller in size than an older version? the one on c|net is of size 31.XX MB (an older version) and the one on Comodo website is 14.XX MB (a slightly newer version). I have installed both installation files on 2 different computers and it seems to me that their features and functions are (almost) the same! so can anyone please tell me what are the difference of the 2 versions?

I’m new to Comodo firewall and I hv installed it on my computer for about 2 days now. I noticed my system crashes more often than before installation. Not sure if it’s caused by it.

Fragment from release notes for version

New application signature database has been introduced; the size and format has been significantly changed to prevent false alerts from some AV programs

See here for more details.

Whenever possible, always download software from the source, rather than a download site. Regardless of the validity of the DL site, it is more possible there that something could be added to the file (even unwittingly), and the source of the file they’re hosting is also not known (ie, they may not have gotten it from Comodo).


usually a newer release will also mean a bigger file size but it’s different in this case s o it confused me. but thanks everyone i think i got e answer. it says on the Comodo website (goodbrazer link) that “New application signature database has been introduced; the SIZE and format has been SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGED to prevent false alerts from some AV programs”. guess that’s why (though they didn’t say if it’s changed to bigger or smaller)!