Why the Firewall dont ask me?

Lot of programs get a internet connection but comodo doesnt ask if i want to give my consent. For example: firewall ask me at Skype, Firefox and others if i want to block, but not at Thunderbird, Filezilla, Chrome, Windows System or Teamviewer.

I see that this programs load data from internet but comodo doesnt ask me if i want this.


Go to firewall rules in advanced settings and take a screenshot, then go to global rules and take a screenshot then upload them here, that way it’s easier to see what could be going on.

here are the screenshots

[attachment deleted by admin]

First of all it seems you have the firewall set to Training Mode (Allows everything and creates allow rules for everything) Change that to either Safe Mode (Alert only for unknown applications and allow trusted applications) or Custom Ruleset (Alert for all applications)

Secondly I don’t understand the language so could you please translate the first two global firewall rules?

These rules allow incoming and outgoing traffic from and to local network Home #1 ( a trusted local network).