Why"The Defense+ security level is set to Inactive"?please help!

In defense+ sittings I have set to “train with safe mode”,why summary screen still show “The Defense+ security level is set to Inactive"but not"The Defense+ security level is set to Train with safe mode” in “Proactive Defense” section ?Why Inactive?What does it mean? I can’t find answer in “help”. ???
please help.

Hello lhc

It sounds like you may have had something go wrong with your install. Check to see if you have any rules set in Defense+ → Advanced → Computer security policy. Have you had any Defense+ popups asking you to approve anything, or the balloon popups that inform you that D+ is learning? Check to see if there are any entries in D+ logs. D+ → Common tasks → View Defense+ events.


I checked(i don’t know that)the "deactive defense+ pemanently (…),then i unchecked it,so this problem is resovled. thanks