Why the countless popups?

Geez–I’ve been thru this b4 --but why cant Comodo just allow a trusted application without a hundred popups?
I just updated Yahoo messenger,and every port connection ,every activity gives a popup–I cant keep up with them–they are slow to respond and before I can do something a new one pops upI go into applications ang click allow anything–I dont know what I am clicking–but still they come --endless
I am sure this is very good and super vigilant–but to have to click popups for 10 odd minutes while trying to do something is irritating
Excuse me–but i have had a bad day already–should stay away from the computer
But I gotta say–as much as I like Comodo and thank you for a free product --I will have to go elsewhere unless this is resolved
Its too much --why cant there be a trusted category that you just click when it installs ,and only get a popup if something super unusual happens (not every port connection_
Apoogies in advance --but there it is :frowning:

When you update something it’s cryptographic signature changes and Comodo firewall recognises this. Comodo then alerts you by the pop ups.

This is also what happens when malware changes something so basically Comodo firewall is taking the safety first route. If you had no pop ups alerting to changes the firewall would be pretty useless.

You know when you’ve updated something so allow the changes.

You can set up the level of pop ups you receive in Advanced > Miscellaneous > Configure.

Thank goodness for that :slight_smile:
somehow my alert level was at high–so moved it down to medium -hope that helps

Yes, that should help you. YOu’ll note as you move that Alert Frequency slider that each setting provides different details (and thus increases the alert frequency…). At Medium, the detail (this impacts the rules created in Application Monitor as well…) is for Application, Direction, Protocol. Low is App & DIrection. Very Low is Application Only. Whilst High is App, Direction, Protocol, and Port, and Very High adds IP address to that.

The lead developer for the FW team, Egemen, has stated here in the forums that he sets his on Very Low so he only gets one alert per application; he also has Application Behavior Analysis turned on, and states that this is quite secure. Not saying you should do that, it’s just an FYI…


No probs Redskin. I have set mine to ‘low frequency’ but see how it goes with medium-if your happy with that no need to change it further. ;D