Why the "beta" name? The philosophy?

Hi, I would like to ask why Comodo calls CAVS 2.0 beta. Besides, it did go straight from 1.1 beta to 2.0 beta, right? I know the meaning of beta, it’s for testing and developing. But couldn’t all software that is still improved (such as any program, or operating systems like Windows XP) then be called “beta”? Is it a matter of satisfaction of the program why you don’t call the CAVS 2.0 beta just 2.0 without “beta” - you want to improve it further first? It doesn’t make very much difference to me, but maybe I - and others too - would feel slightly more confident and secure if it was not called beta… :slight_smile:

I won’t post on behalf of CAVS, but in general based on my own interpretation: beta is a version that developers feel there are remaining obvious bugs that either themselves or users discover. We all know a bugless program doesn’t exist in reality, but a stable one is when the major problems are not encountered (yet). Other times, developers might not want to deem it a final until a certain stage of their project has been fulfilled.

Hello again Soya!

So I guess Comodo just deem CAVS 2.0 to be at the beta stage at this time. It’s a matter of preferences? When I tried (several features, but not all) the latest 2.0 beta a couple of days ago I found it stable, although I wondered why so many files from Microsoft wasn’t in the safe database. I just have a feeling that the beta name may scare some people. But of course, if the makers really consider it as beta, then it shall be beta, to inform the users.

A little comparation with Windows XP: I think they should have called it beta at least until SP2 came…

Again, I don’t know about CAVS since I don’t have it, but I agree with you on the XP part 88). However, think of Operating Systems as really big programs. The chances for bugs on its initial release is apparently higher.

So I am just as curious about the ‘beta’ thing. Does Comodo have any idea when this wont be a ‘beta’ version ??? Maybe I just haven’t looked in the right forum posting, however, I can say that I would love to use CAVS but as someone who has fallen ill (my PC that is), I am forced to go with another provider for Anti virus’. Now dont get me wrong, (L) and am very satisfied with the firewall. I would just like to have totally compatible security software, i.e. made by the same team (:NRD)! So, pleeeaaasssseee :THNK, when can we get on with a full version app, or has it been put on the back burner? (:KWL)