Why Switch? Tell me why... please

I Love Comodo Firewall. let me make that very clear. I am using version 2xxx.xx whatever and am having few if any complaints or wishes for improvement…

Having said that I DID install the latest update to version 3xxx.xxx and, well, my pc would’nt boot into Windows anymore. Thank God I had a system restore point to go back to.

Maybe I did something wrong? Maybe, but for whatever reason, V3 did not work, or failed to install correctly. It doesn’t matter much, I’m happy with V2, which brings me to my question, “Why switch”?

Can you in plain terms tell me what’s better about V3? Just wondering.

Again, I LOVE Comodo firewall and reccomend it to everyone I know using a Windows PC. Thank you Thank you!


Not gonna beat about the bush,V3 is quite differant(in my limited experiance) to V2 with defence+ enabled but it also gives you a much tighter security set up.There is a learning process for both user and computer but this is not to bad,infact it gives you a better insight into what your computer is doing.Most major bugs are now sorted and any queries you have will normally be quickly answered in the forum.

If you install V3 again i recomend uninstalling v2 first then doing a fresh install of v3 with no other applications running.
What other security software do you have as this may have caused the problem.

Good luck whichever way you choose to go Matty :wink: