Why so many?

What is the deal with all these false positives? I must get one per week on three different computers. And they are all nonsense, some on well known apps such as Outlook Express. Then there’s the annoying balloon messages constantly telling me that the signature file is being updated and again when it has been updated.

I’ve turned off the AV alerts/notifications, which is not the sensible solution, but I’m tired of all the interrupting false alerts and balloon messages.

I’m seriously thinking of uninstalling Comodo AV just for the irritation factor. Going back to the unobtrusive avast! or AVG is looking better all the time. Can’t you guys fix these well known and well documented issues?


The new version 3.10 does away with the signature update balloons.

As for the FP’s, the AV is still less than a year old. I hope you are reporting all the FP’s you do encounter. Everything you report helps the end product.