why so many local area networks?

Hi to all!
Could someone of you have a look of the attached picture and tell me why I have so many Local Area Networks?
Is there something wrong with my configuration?
I mean, if I try to delete some of them, CPFv3 after I restart windows, prompts me that it needs to re build them.
Why should I need them?

Hope to read some guess form you soon.

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Is this a laptop computer that you connect to multiple wireless networks? Then it would be pretty normal I guess as Comodo is set by default detect new private networks.

Hi EricJH and thanks for your reply.

Is this a laptop computer that you connect to multiple wireless networks?
No...is not. It's a workstation PC connected through a ADSL router modem , but I have no wireless networks. Why you was thinking that I'm in a wireless network? I have to say that I use to connect with by my mobile phone time to time through a bluetooth dongle and when my ADSL provider is down I use to connect with my modem too. Could be that the reason of so many local areas?

Bye and thanks again!

It may be the cause.

Your system has been connected to a a number of different networks which are providing IP addresses in the 192.168. range. Most home routers will provide IP addresses in the 192.168.1 range. The ones I see are not in that range.
So these two facts that you have been connected to different networks using less standard IP addresses lead me to the question whether you were using a wireless lap top on the road.

But since it is a desktop that stays at home on ADSL then I think using your cell phone when your ADSL breaks down would be a reasonable explanation. Since the cell phone antennas must serve a lot of people at one time they would use a bigger piece of the 192.168 range to hand out IP addresses.

thanks again for your reply, EricJH :slight_smile:
so I can basically leave all there… am I right?

Bye and thanks again.

You can leave them there. You can clean them up if you want to. If you clean up and you will connect with your cell phone again CIS will find a new network…etc…

It is not something to worry about.

Thanks mate for your help until now, I really appreciate all that. :slight_smile:


I’ve been trying to figure out a lot of things about comodo recently. Anyways, comodo was detecting two local area networks on my machine. After some trial and error it was discovered by me that I had TWO possible ways to connect to the internet. One was my wireless nic and the other was my ethernet controller. Basically I had the possibility to connect wireless or via a cable. Both devices were enabled. I disabled the ethernet controller and comodo stopped detecting two local area networks.

So it appears to me that you need to check your network connections. Only enable your primary connection. In your case the network adapter since you don’t connect wireless. Comodo is seeing multiple possibilities of internet connections from your machine. Or you can leave them be. Its looking at your machine when it sets up the local area networks. I chose to clean mine up.

The detection of networks can be disabled under Miscellaneous → Settings → General.

The detection of networks is a courtesy to the user. With the Stealth Ports Wizard it is easy to make a network from the My Network Zones a trusted zone.

Hi EricJH, thanks for your reply.
I see your point but the mine was just a little Comodo’s bug.

I read somewhere that to definitely delete old previously created local area networks…I have to shut-down and relaunch Comodo after that, otherwise they pup up back.

Thanks again for your help and bye,

Are you using VM software, maybe VMware or VirtualBox?

well not any more…
I mean, I installed VMware time ago but I carefully uninstalled it…why are you asking me that?

Each network created in a VM, potentially, will be seen as a new network by CIS, depending upon the type of network connectivity used in the VM. Do you still have any additional network adapters listed in Network Connections?

Another question, are you on a LAN or do you have cable DSL?

Perhaps you could open a command prompt and run ipconfig /all and post the details.

That’s my ip configuration…

Another question, are you on a LAN or do you have cable DSL?
I'm on a LAN...I suppose I mean, I have an ADSL modem router, used as a ADSL modem and it's connected to a switch as well as my PC

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Are there other PC’s on your LAN?

These are the IP Address ranges in the networks that don’t correspond to you’re range: - - - -

Can you ‘ping’ any addresses from these ranges?

I’d start with the low range and try a few from each address space.
If you have NetBIOS enabled you could open a command prompt and type Net View. You could also try typing arp -a and seeing if there are addresses from the ranges above.

How could you see that rage?
I mean, from my previous screen shot there wasn’t listed all that.

Are there other PC's on your LAN?
well...yes I have an ibook on a NAS on and of course my HP workstation xw6200 on and my netgear adsl modem on

I thought I would have delete those other rages of ip address…

see the last screen shot for a full view of my LAN
my Comodo version is the

[attachment deleted by admin]

Well there are no obvious signs of any additional networks that I can see from the information you have provided, at least none that appear connected currently. Did you try a ping to any of the addresses?

As far as I’m aware, CIS will only detect a network if it finds a valid address for which it has no knowledge. So if, every time you delete these Network Zones, they reappear, that information has to be coming from somewhere.

If you wish, you can disable the ability to detect new networks from the Miscellaneous/General tab. Then you can delete these unknown zones.

no…now they don’t reappear any more.
they was use to appear just because my version of comodo doesn’t delete those ones effectively.
Using the trick to close and relaunch Comodo(after delete them)…makes the job done for me