Why so many Intrusions Attempts?!?

59 intrusion attempts so far all by windows operating system. my computer and everything seems to be running fine but i am get about 4-8 an hour. all same destination IP. Lots of different source IP. Should i contact COMODO directly?

Nah’, I wouldn’t worry too much. Please post a Screenshot of your Events…

FIREWALL > Common Tasks > View Firewall Events

DEFENSE+ > Common Tasks > View Defense+ Events

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Usually it is a reply to a request from a program that is not currently running. (with no application on the inside of the firewall to accept these, CIS blocks and lists them as the OS) Like P2P Software.

Go to Start>Run type msconfig and see if any application service/startup running that might be responsible for these intrusions. But it’s nothing harmless.


So far im at 107 intrusions attempts just today.

I was confused for a moment, then spotted the Screenshot you’ve just attached to your other Post.

Do you use P2P Software. Like uTorrent, Vuze, etc…?

Is it running now?

none that i know of, no.

When i go to system configuration, then go to services. Some are running, like my anti virus programs, and some are not running. Are they all supposed to be running? most of the services that are stopped are from microsoft corp.

No. I wouldn’t worry about anything. All seems fine to me. The IP’s that are being Blocked could be trying to connect to eMusic I see on your Desktop. Is that a P2P File Sharing application?

Emusic lets you download from their website. I dont use it anymore though.

I may be blind but can’t find an attached firewall log to any of the post smokin559. Can anybody help me out with thsi?

Smokin. What type of connection are you using? Do you have a router present in your network?