Why so many connections?

Win7 machine.
On the firewall summary page (this is a constant although the number vary slightly up or down):
901 outbound connections (99% of these ‘active’ connections show up under svchost).
99.6% svchost

Is this the correct way for Comobo to be performing?
Why are so many connections running/needed?
How can one possibly have that many connections at the same time?
How to reduce?
There are usually 10 or so svchost.exe running in task mgr.

Never mind!
Apparently is was a thing called ‘AdMuncher’ that was causing all those connections.
Turned it off and will monitor, but connection numbers dropped dramatically when turned off.
AdMuncher was free and I was trying it out.

I would suggest an addon for the browser. Like adblock plus for firefox.

Why should an addblocker make additional connections? The aim of adblocking is to avoid loading of un-necessary. Not to make even more connections. Its a bit suspicious that your admuncher used svchost to make connections.

With adblock plus you can choose filters. And if you choose for example the filters “easy list” and “easy privacy list”, you have a fast internet and no advertising.
However. If you like a site and if you use it, concider to disable the adblock plus on that site. But frankly, some sites are too heavy with ad-loading. So they dont get a go from me ever. Their fault.

The svchost thing did not make sense to me either.

BUT, since disabling Admuncher the connections are at most a hundred.
Do not really understand why there should even be that many, but that is better than 900+.

I do use FF and Adblock+, was just trying a freebie, so much for that.

If you have usually 100 of connections, make sure that they are intended by you.
I have only connections if they are reasonable. Otherwise i would investigate.