Using Win xp home…when I connect to the internet using Firefox I open Comodo and click the activity icon and then the connections option and bam! I have about 25 FF icons with different destination IPs. Is this normal or is my machine a spambot??? Also, I have had numerous instances where Comodo is asking if USERINIT.EXE can use IE to access the internet. I did run numerous online scans and all came back clean…in addition, I used my personal cleaners [Nod32, Webroot, AdAware, Spybot, A2, Blacklight] and all came back clean…also purged system restore. Any thoughts??

It is normal to see many FF connections depending on what you are doing on the net. I usually have at least 4 and sometimes 20 or more.

As for Userinit.exe I have never had this warning. Did you do a scan for known applications after you installed CFP? Have you ticked ‘Do Not Show Alerts For Applications Certified By Comodo’?


I have seen that since Tuesday’s MS Updates. Allow w/Remember and no further problems. It is a Windows file.


Is that with one browser tab opened?

Checked the box according to your suggestion…seems to be working.

Soya Lv. 2,
Yes, with one browser and one window open [Firefox]

Little Mac,
I just installed the updates from last week this evening…so in actuality it could not be from the MS updates…at least in theory.asdfj (:LGH)

Sometimes CFP delays in refreshing the Connection window, too. Right now I’m using Opera with 1 tab and there’s already 4 connections shown when I first open it, and now 2…

Is this with just FF and not other browsers on the same site(s) and is it on average 25 connections?

Gotta remember w/FF that all the extensions may add to the number of connects showing; a lot will be to localhost. But even IE will generate quite a few (never seen it do 25, though)…


also remember that by default firefox has a bunch of feeds that it checks.
You can just delete those if you don’t use them ( You can find them in “bookmarks”);
the anti-fishing feature will also make a connection when you start FF…