Why/Since when has Comodo Firewall started disallowing access to certain files??

I have a program or two that I’m certain it is not a virus (NOD32 confirms), yet since the latest update to 3.10.102194.530, first I have conflict with TeraCopy that Comodo firewall is causing constant crashes with, now I have a couple of japanese programs I use giving me “File corrupted!. This program has been manipulated and maybe it’s infected by a virus or cracked. This file will no longer work.” error message.

I had to uninstall NOD32 first then Comodo to make sure it was Comodo Firewall, since when did Firewall program start disallowing what programs I can and cannot run on my computer? Isn’t it overstepping the bounds of what a firewall is supposed to do?

I do not have Antivirus installed and HIPS is disabled. This is getting me a bit peeved that Comodo is putting in all this detection feature that denies access to files when all I want it to be is a firewall.

If anyone have any insights on how to disable this ‘extra’ feature, please let me know.

Hi komugi, I’m not certain, but perhaps this is related to the DOS/16bit issue that is currently prevalent with this build. Given what TeraCopy is, I suspect it’s possible that it has a 16bit component to handle FAT16. Old, I know, but it still might cater for it. You could try Egemen’s suggested work-around of renaming guard32.dll to see if that impacts TeraCopy or the other Japanese applications.

In addition, run any suspicious files through CAMAS & VirusTotal to be safe/sure.

The DOS/16 bits version is now fixed. Please run the program updater under Miscellaneous and get the 531.