Why send info to VeriSign and Limelight Networks during CSC install?

I logged the IP addresses to which CSC 2.0.108716.5 sent info during install. According to http://www.netinfo.org.ua/, here are the non-Comodo addresses and owners: VeriSign Global Registry Services Limelight Networks IAD CDN Network

Why does CSC send info to these non-Comodo sites?

Limelight is a big hosting company. May Comodo hires capacity there. Verisign like Comodo is a certificate authority. Not sure why they show up. May be the installer that is used has files signed by Verisign? It’s just a guess…

I think it depends on where you are, available capacity, network availability etc. For Comodo updates I more often than not get routed through PSI Net and the Comodo servers in the UK, yet the UK is just about as far away from me as could be.

With Microsoft updates I invariably get routed through Limelight but strangely enough I aslo get Euro servers.

I don’t see the Verisign connection and I’d be very surprised if a certificate authority was using a competitors certificate for any purpose.