Why selected acknowledgement?

When I submit a False Positive file through the web interface, I get a ‘FP fixed’ message, mostly on the next day on my email.

But, when I submit viruses through this interface no 'definitions added; message is given (though I have submitted them many times - sometimes risking my own security as some of them needed CIS to be turned off to stop heur to pick it up before submitting etc.).

I have no problems as far as CIS updates itself. But why a selective acknowledgement?

Hi layman,

Thank you for your submissions! We treat the false-positives with the highest priority therefore email is sent each time a FP is fixed. We will send a response email for malware submissions as well in the near future.

Thanks and regards,

Thanks a lot. And that was not a complaint but just a curious question as I never received a definitons added message though those were actually added within 2-3 days. Please keep up the good work. I shall continue to submit them whenever I encounter any [even with risking myself by turning off AV and giving Defense+ the command when required!].

Thanks once again.

Is there also a way to disable those mails ? I’m flooded at the moment…


Hi eXPerience,

If you do not want to receive response emails when reported FPs are fixed, please state this in the comments field.


could it be possible to add a checkbox next to the e-mail for it in the future ?


We will consider this for a future improvement. I think it’s a good idea. :-TU