Why rules are added automatically with no notifications?

Go to “firewall->advanced->network security policy”.
There is no perl.exe in the list of applications.
Close this window.
Launch “perl.exe test_tcpip.pl”.
Go to “firewall->advanced->network security policy” again and see perl.exe in the list of applications with rule “allow any->any”.
Why rules are added automatically with no notifications?

My configuration: Vista x64 SP1 + Comodo Personal Firewall v3.5.57173.439 64bit (Firewall Security Level=Safe, Defence+ Security Level=Safe)
ps: if new vista+comodo+perl is installed, this problem disappears and comodo always shows alert if perl.exe tries to send a tcpip packet. This bug is with my old vista. Probably there is something to do with comodo settings?

You may be in safe mode, if so, Comodo already recognizes perl.exe as safe application,

or you may be in training mode, if so, Comodo automatically adds this application to your list of application as safe


Yep, raising Firewall Security Level to Custom Policy Mode should trigger an alert. In Safe Mode rules are automatically created without asking the user.

Miscellaneous>Settings>General Tab and tick Show The Balloon Messages will display an informatory alert as the rules are being created under Safe and Training Modes.