Why "Quarantine" when there is "My Blocked Files"?

In CIS, is there any benefit to have the CAV Quarantine when we already have the Defense+ My Blocked Files? In My Blocked Files you can add anything you would like to add in the Quarantine, plus, file groups etc. making it more flexible.

If CAV standalone don’t have Defense+ I see the point. Does CAV come without Defense+?


There`s a delete button in the CAV “Quarantined items” section which i presume deletes the file from your comp!


Then I wonder what the Clear button does, because it seems like I lost a quarantined file because of that button. ???


CAVS alone does not integrate D+.
That is why…I think!


Ah, like my speculation. That would explain it all indeed!


I understand that viruses detected by CAVS is quarantined and put in vault cutting all the links to the hard disk and executables, which may or may not be viruses can be blocked and put in defence+ lock, but the file itself is not locked but only when it is executed (either automatically or manually) defence+ will block its function.

Hence, quarantined files of CAVS cannot be seen in the hard disk and in case you want to execute it the user will have to restore it first and then execute it. In case of Defence+ locking the file can still be seen in hard disk, but it could not be executed till permission of blockage is removed from defence+.

It gives double protection, as two different vaults monitor the same without affecting memory usage.

Also, as pointed out by Matty, if it is a confirmed virus, we can safely delete the file from hard disk using delete button whereas in defence+ it will remove the blockage function and not the executable.

I understand that Antivirus is a traditional antivirus and defence+ is a hard disk firewall. Hence, defence+ uses the permission technology of firewall whereas antivirus uses the grilling of the culprit technique.

The clear button removes all the files in quarantine whereby you can be selective with delete.