Why putting threads togheter and moving posts into one other may be a bad thing.

Long threads like the_everything_is_offtopic_thread:


Gets kinda messy, and hard to overlook and not search friendly.
And who want to read 170 pages very old post anyway that’s non-tech related.

I understand this is some kind of “trash can”, and a good way to remove spam/off topic posts. :-TU

But when my cool music tread and other posts of mine gets putted into a other thread thats gay, ex the music thread did not belong where it got moved since it was not music I listens to right now, It was music to lissen to while waiting for CIS new beta.

Topic splitting/moving of single posts is hard to get used to, at least for me, since I suddenly don’t know where I posted stuff and probably those long threads are threads that I would not participate in otherwise.
Sorry for being a wine ■■■■■ or whatever, but I believe it to be overkill all this moving around. Anyway you mods does a good job, Iam not against topic moving when posted in wrong place but the splitting thing.

I can’t find your moved post. Perhaps it was done in error & then returned?

Unfortunately, splitting… is moving. Otherwise we’d move (and merge) the whole topic… which would probably raise a few eyebrows.

As for that 170 page mega OT topic, well you’re not meant to read it from page 1. It’s a flowing bunch of OT posts, with some random OT merges. If you’re going to follow it, then it is probably best to just read the last couple of pages (if that).

Was this the one?


It was originally posted as a separate topic, but since we already had a “What Music Are You Listening To…” topic, it seems to have been merged with that bigger topic. That seems correct to me, we do tend to merge like-topics to stop having hundreds of separate topics on the same thing.

Of course I don’t read those threads page to page… :smiley:
That would take too long. :o


There’s my post.
But I don’t want it splitted back , it was not that important.

Maby you are right, but I think it was different enought from its own topic.

I read others reacting that things get moved out of content when topic splitting/hijacking (first post that page)

Anyway what I mean with “topic moving” is a okay thing, when for instance someone posts a bug in the general discussion thread. But moving post/threads out of content is not something I like. :frowning: Even the slightest.
Thats how I feel, but you are the mods, and you decide when to move and not move things.
Iam just saying that I don’t like my posts moved that much unless they are way off.

errrr sorry, i’m the one who moved the music topic. 88)
about the splitting,splitting is inevitable once post(s) hijack the original topic purpose.

and about the merging, errr usually we have more topics with a name off topic posts or something like that originated from splitted posts, so i decide to merge them all since they’re all dead topic anyway.
feel free to PM any mod if you need help to find your post. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay, I had to digest the cited topic(s).

Right… I completely agree with the decision to split off John’s post (creating a new topic) from freshhh’s original topic. After all, it was a “wish” in the AV wishing section (didn’t know we had one of those, we used to just have a single topic). What John wanted to discuss was not a wish & yet was important in its own right. The only other option the Mod had was to tell John to stop posting OT …or ignore him & his point.