Why Partially limited doesn't allow the game to modify files in it's own folder?

It prevents the game from saving current progress.

I can uderstand “My documents” folder, but it’s own folders?

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You can move it to the trusted files.

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an unrecognized application should not be allowed to modify its own folder content as well, i think so!!

In that case how a game is supposed to save (if it uses autosave for example)? Unless you put it in trusted.

Have you added this line to the protected files?

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try opening the rule for that application and edit it, it must have been configured under custom settings, look under actions which say allow/block etc over there you will have to find out which one is blocking its access to the folder and moreover if exclusion tab is available for that you can exclude the folder as well!!

Yeah, I did.

It’s supposed to protect from encryptors under partial limited.

1.So, CIS blocks them because the game.exe modifies existed files which are created by either game.exe or not.

2.You can move the game.exe to the trusted files only.

If I remove this rule, everything is back to normal.

I guess that’s why it isn’t there by default.

if it is getting blocked becoz of the “All File” then you can edit the hips rule for that application and under custom ruleset there is protected files/folder and under exclusion u can add the path to “All File”
kinda a sure that this should work

The user can not add any excepted rules for sandboxed processes.

So, the user can move the application to the trusted files only.

yes for the sanboxed application the user can’t but i was talking about the HIPS rules,

if the user can configure the application under HIPS rule close to partially limited or higher and exclude that path he still can use it without moving it to trusted!!

or can try running it fully virtualised and excluding the folder path under “dont Vitualised Acess too”
but this one i m not too sure of becoz game files are very huge!!

P.S. Sorry if my suggestions don’t work, i dont have any games on my system to test and tell you exactly

“All file” is just a group name, you can name it anything you want. The actual rule is ?:* I don’t really know what it means, but my guess is that means every possible file on every possible drive. And this rule is placed under “Protected files” section, so that could mean that every possible file on a computer is considered protected, and unrecognized apps can’t modify them.

That’s just my guess though, so I could be wrong.

This is correct.

I know that, I followed Chiron’s guide as well ;D
i was saying u to exclude it becoz IF that was the reason why the application was getting blocked then it could have solved your problem, but never mind it looks like its getting too complicated now :slight_smile: