Why only 40mbs

Ok so my question is why is the defaut Anti-Virus file scan size set to only 40mb. I have had many files test positive that were much larger. Who came up with this number and why?


Who, would be the developers.

And my guess as to why: They look at all the submissions they get and derive the file size from the most common malware getting distributed. They raised it to 40MB from the original 20MB not too long ago because these larger file sizes started becoming more common.

Ok so is it ok to take a small poll or ask the developers what a good ceiling might be? Just today I was looking around for new freeware replacement software and most of the files I downloaded were well over 40m

No need to ask the developers what they think a good ceiling might be, as they obviously feel that 40MB is a good ceiling because that is what they have set the default scan cutoff to be.

It’s not about the size of the download. It’s all about the size of common circulating malware. As I said, the developers have access to all submitted malware. (submitted to Comodo) If they’ve set the cutoff at 40MB, then that means there isn’t much threat from malware being distributed in files over 40MB. I’m not saying there isn’t any malware larger than that, merely that it is most likely rare. If the larger malware becomes more common, I’m sure they’ll raise the default again.