Why not open?

Why doesn’t COMODO open-source their free products? They are giving it away for free anyway so why not put the source on git and let the community developers help you fix bugs and security issues? Your a lot of your software I find has not been ported to Linux despite Linux becoming very popular now with the coming of SteamOS. Linux is more secure than windows anyway. I as a user have completely switched to linux and have stopped using comodo products. I was using dragon I found it to be a very great browser. Why can’t we have the same experience on linux? Your anti-virus is on linux!! Google Chrome itself works on linux.

I think Opening your source-code to the public would be a great opportunity for your business.

Check out netscape’s (aka Mozilla) story. They started out as the closed source Netscape Communicator. They were falling behind lof IE but when the idea of Open-source came to them everything changed. Now look who’s software is used to make iceDragon

Just want the idea out there.

It would be interesting to see forks of CIS, but to do so would destroy the integrity of the software. Can you imagine the possibility of exploitation. Not to mention lower level coders hacking at the code. It makes no sense for Comodo to do that. Not that it’s not a interesting idea.