Why not implement a “program scan” during the install?

Would it make sense to have CIS scan the program files folder during install, and look for any programs that are not yet on it’s safe list. Then give the user the option of marking them safe during the install, so that they do not produce popups down the road?

-1 :-TD

the reason why I don’t like this idea is that will make the installtion take forever in a large enviroment , comodo makes you restart your computer , the programs that will launch during system startup will be checked if there is any rootkit will be detected :slight_smile: ( I mentioned rootkit because it’s the worst kind of malware )

And of course not mentioning the recommendation of doing a full system scan once the programs is updated ,

so adding such feature will just complicate things :slight_smile: which comodo has worked till now to simplify the protection without risking of security and that only can be seen here with comodo :frowning:


So make it optional. I suspect most CIS users are in the home.

Yeah I agree +1 but it has to be optional :-TU

Scans of this type in security programs almost always are optional.