Why not have a test system with weekly interim builds like Opera browser?

These days there is an interim release for a group of interested people who bumped into bugs and want to try a newer version to assess the progress. I notice quite some eager among the people who bump into bugs and are willing to try updated versions.

Opera browser has a system in which they publish on a weekly basis internal builds for interested users to try. These are publicly available but are not published like beta versions; the latter go released officially. These socalled weeklies are snapshots and for own risk to try.

Needless to say I am always using the socalled weeklies. The Desktop team announces the new weeklies on their blog: http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/ .

May be Comodo can introduce a similar system; I sense enough eagerness with the Comodo users.

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I just became a moderator yesterday, so ignore that. I would be very concerned about turning Security Software testing into that kind of a Goat Rope (see my prejudices :wink: ). Opera, which I use, causes me to crash and curse sometimes (still has very annoying errors), but does no real damage. I can work around problems, revert to the previous version (usually), or go use Firefox until things are fixed. A firewall (or virus program, or zombie stomper or …) can cause lasting damage to your system due to the evolving threat environment and the often intimate connection with the underlying system if released to general users prior to at least some serious vetting. Even after all the current beta testing, we get reports of unrecoverable system destructions. Certainly the idea of a selected pre-beta test team for builds can make sense, but there need to be some ground rules-like image your system, watch that you don’t become part of the marching Zombie army, … The other issue is the effort required to manage such an effort effectively. We are all struggling with the current Comodo final release cycle, and seem to be converging on solutions over a few weeks for a very complex program-but only after 6 months of beta testing. I think a general release on a weekly basis would tend to overwhelm both sides. “At your own risk” for Opera and Comodo doesn’t recognize the difference in risk.

Congrats with your moderatorship. :Beer

Thanks for your clear reply. I agree with you that a firewall is a different animal given the fact it is working at kernel level and therefore can cause serious damage. I did see reports of heavy damage at the forums but had no idea how destructive it could get until you mentioned it.

It was just a loose thought I put out to the world. May be it is a better idea to have dedicated beta testers with certain safeguards as you describe.

Apparently the Comodo team is already very busy as is not to need weekly builds. A big thank you for the wonderful job they did. I like your firewall; I used it from the alpha stage with all the quircks it had back then.

I addressed similiar points in the past but I paid more attention to the blog as a way to follow the product evolution. Since V3 is going to implement many innovative ideas this approach cannot really be applied. Anyway since we had an undisclosed release these days maybe there could be some chance to see something like this for major bugs in fulure.