why not FIREFOX?

Why limit one to only using Internet Explorer, by Microsoft, for updates?
I wanted to use Firefox, my default browser, because of greater security.

That’s the marketing strategy of MS since the beginning. You can use the IE tab addon.


You can use firefox as your default browser, just use IE for the updates…

Apart from the marketing strategies, IE is used because of activeX. The EU version of Windows 7 will come without having to install IE at all.


Not any more, Windows 7 E is no more you will get a browser option screen. Something like this apparently http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-10301299-56.html

What browser CIS uses to import connection settings from should not have an impact on your security… CIS will check how IE connects… but stops there… :-TU cfpupdate will be used and open its very own connection to comodo… You can even block IE from accessing Internet with CIS… CIS will still be able to update… :-TU

Security holes that may exist in IE will not be present in CIS when downloading CIS updates… Its a different program making the calls… And I bet cfpupdate with its simple task has some built in checking to prevent any security holes…

ofc you can always post on the wish list if you like CIS to have the option to import connection settings from alternative browsers…


NO, I want to know why Comodo would not allow me to use Firefox when updating Comodo??

I reluctantly used Microsoft’s IE for the update, as required by Comodo.

I have used Firefox for several months now as my default browser. It works fine.

My good friend, a computer engineer, will probably buy a newer laptop with Linux next month – that is how much he hates Vista by Microsoft ! his present laptop is probably 6 months old.

I remember when MS charged $25 for an upgrade – before Windows.
but, I degress.

When Comodo updates, it doesn’t actually use a browser. As Monkey_Boy already mentioned, it only looks at IE’s internet connection settings to determine how you connect to the internet. It does not actually use IE for the update.

so, how can Comodo look at the IE settings if IE is not running on my computer?

all I know is that my update failed because I was not using IE.

any reason that Comodo could not look at the browser in use, be it Firefox or IE or Opera or ____ ?

I update lots of programs without such a message –

I think Comodo has a GREAT program !!

Open control panel and select Internet Options. These are the default connection settings used for Internet access.

I don’t use IE at all, In fact I have it blocked in my Application Rules but I am able to update CIS.

That hasn’t been a problem since Vista. Updating is done via stand alone application.

The only thing it does is read from the registry “how” IE connects to the internet.

If you set IE to access internet directly, CIS will also.
If you set IE to access internet via a proxy server, CIS will also and use those settings.

So you don’t have to use IE, it just uses the connection settings.

+1 :-TU :-TU

I only use it if there is no other way out, and then it still has to go true my local proxy server with full logging so it can’t fart or i’ll see it 8) its running full blocking mode unless i open a hole to a domain and or ip (squid acls).

Windows updates also go true this proxy, saves me a lot of rules :slight_smile:

You’re almost as paranoid as me Ronny :o 8) ;D

Okay, what’s Almost >:-D