Why no warning on some sandbox occurrences on install?

I installed a programme and was asked if I wanted to limit it. I said no and it was installed onto my C: program files folder. It worked fine.

I then wanted to install a programme that gives the first programme a GUI. Running this programme the first time creates files that it uses.

Trouble is, the second programme’s files were placed under the folder VTRoot/Harddrive 2, or some such, without giving me the opportunity to say not to. It would not function, until I turned off auto sandbox, then uninstalled, deleted etc and reinstalled the lot, onto my C:\program files folder. Then all was well.

So why was I asked whether I wanted to limit one programme and not the other at install time? Why was the second programme boxed without asking?

Thanks for any help.


You probably have alerts suppressed somewhere in your settings. See here Configure Sandbox, Sandbox Computer Security, Desktop Software | Internet Security

OK. Thanks for that. But looking at that lot leaves me confused. :-\

Looking at that one, I reckon that "Detect installers " may be what has happened to me. The second programme “installs” its files by simply extracting and copying them, so it may not be detected as an installer. But does “Detect” mean detect and ask for access rights, so basically if it’s not detected as an installer, it will be dropped in the sandbox without the option?


Yes, that’s what it means, there is a wish for an ask option for the sandbox but don’t expect much from it.

I do have to accept that this errs on the side of caution and that my case is rare.

So really…thank you Comodo…and I say that from having learned, while being confused by what happened . :slight_smile: