Why no response and no signature updates to false positive reports?

I have submitted 16 false positives, proper submission per instructions posted. I submitted them twice, a week apart and no signature updates yet nor an explanation why they are not considered false positives.

What happened to the policy of updating the signatures for false positives within 2 days??

In the past when I dealt with Kaspersky they responded within hours and provided signature updates right away. Same with Avira, if they didn’t consider something a false positive because it was using a packer, they at least responded and offered their explanation and reasoning for not updating the signatures.

Comodo is getting a lot of free testers, so it should at least respond to our efforts of packing and submitting malware, otherwise Comodo AV has no chance vs the (free) competition.

What is your virus DB version? I see daily signature updates and my DB is at version 1025.

Are you still running CIS 3.5? I don’t believe that is updated anymore due to a different DB format.

No, I was on 3.8 with version 1025 for signatures. I since moved to using Avira as my AV, Comodo AV is not ready for prime time.

I’m inclined to agree. It has caused me so many problems, crashes and headaches that I have given up on it for the time being. Comodo AV has been more of a hindrance than any help. It’s funny, if I install CIS with the AV component then I get crashes galore on startup. But If I install CIS without the AV and just install the Firewall and Defense+ then everything is as smooth as silk. So I’ve gone back to Avast!

I’m keeping the firewall though. I absolutely love the Firewall and Defense+. So I’m not giving up on Comodo. But I am going to wait awhile until the AV matures up to the level of great AV’s like Avast!.

Computer prooblems amaze me. I haven’t had a single problem with Comodo products using Vista Home Premium, yet, while everyone cruises along using their PreSonus Firebox, I have had contiunual problems with it for three years.

It’s hard to write a song when you have used the box on multiple computers and systems and can’t hear anything. I am so sorry I switched my song writing to computer rather than all in one keyboards, I’m always busy for hours trying to get sound, the Firebox is still a current product, I’ve followed all suggestions and it accepts firmware updates and software updates.

Yet, I load a beta of Agitum’s all in one software to test and it messes my computer up so bad, I had to resort to my clone drive to make the computer run again. I really don’t think any company will come up with a usable stable computer or software.

Again, not one problem with any of Comodo’s products across Vista and XP, under all updates.

I just laugh at the computer and all the high end music programs I’ve wasted my money on which is always so buggy, it hardly ever works. I made a huge mistake and it is funny that only Comodo can build huge line of software that works.

Thank you, and I will always hang with Comodo, until it looks like they aren’t interested anymore. I haven’t had a single crash other than the beta Outpost debacle.

The thing to remember is that DSP is pretty demanding. I’ve yet to encounter anyone that tries to combine their music workstation with their everyday computing tasks (Word Processing, etc…) that hasn’t had compatibility problems of some sort.

Your best bet is to have a completely separate system that all it does is audio. All it has on it is the OS and Pro Tools, Reason, or whatever.

I agree with SirComo 100 %.

Response to false positives should be a lot quicker. I submitted a dozen of false positives and they never got fixed. Ultimately I stopped sending false positive reports and just continued with adding files to exclusion list (which still doesn’t function properly).

If you submitted the files through CIS itself, I’ve read it takes longer for processing that way. No, I don’t know why.

I’ve always had a very rapid response when reporting on the forum. I only see one actual report from you there and your reply was very enthusiastic.

Yes, I must agree I was enthusiastic that time. It was a first false positive that I reported, and it was fixed quickly. Also it was the only false positive that i have posted a topic about.
All other false positives I sent through Email (https://forums.comodo.com/false_positivenegative_reporting_is_this_a_malware_that_cis_hasnot_detected-b154.0/ ), and they never got fixed.

Maybe I should post a topic for every false positive, but there are so many of them and I just don’t have that kind of time. (:SAD)


Yes, I must agree I was enthusiastic that time. It was a first false positive that I reported, and it was fixed quickly. Also it was the only false positive that i have posted a topic about. All other false positives I sent through Email (https://forums.comodo.com/false_positivenegative_reporting_is_this_a_malware_that_cis_hasnot_detected-b154.0/ ), and they never got fixed.

Yes, our response to false-positive as of now is fast through forum reported FPs and we do have to improve upon for ones reported via mails.

We are going to attach any FP reporting with customper support (https://support.comodo.com/) soon, where reporting is ticket based and we will be able to guarantee response for every mail in fastest possible time.

Please bear with us till it is very structured and report all FPs in forums for fast action.


i must admit my former faith in comodo is now so shaken with false positives, from usb drives that claim to nbe trojans, to demo installers from reputable software vendors that are suddenly showing false positives to a false positive in the restore partition of my laptop

come on guys, i was such a positive “Evangelist” now I am starting to look for something that just works

I would like to ask everyone to post here it’s unfixed, BUT REPORTED, FP’s