Why no help? What is "Pending Files?"


I’m running in Vista Home Premium. All seems to run fine, except any links to any kind of help do absolutely nothing. Why?

Specifically, I don’t understand the “Pending Files” area at all.


Hi, if the links to help files don’t work, you may want to report this as a bug (if you take the time, please look if it has already been reported first)

A workaround to open the Help files, if not even “Help” under “Miscellaneous” works, would be to go to the folder where Comodo Firewall Pro is installed - probably C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall, where you will find cfp.chm. This is the help file.


My Pending Files is a list of the files that have been created on your system. It is meant to allow you to review them for any suspicious files. The way to process them is:
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click Purge (this checks to see if the files are still on your hard drive. Some applications create and delete temp files when they run.)

Click Lookup (this checks the Comodo database to see if the files are safe or known)
You will be offered the opportunity to submit the files after the Lookup, but I prefer to select files that are smaller than a certain size and omit files that I know the source of.

Click Submit (choose files that you are wanting to have Comodo check for safety)

Click Remove (this clears all the chosen files from the Pending list. You may want to submit files and then remove them if you are sure that they are OK. You may want to just clear the list to start clean.)

Thanks much to both of you! That was very useful.