Why no automatic update from 5 to 6?

It’s been a year since the release of CIS 6 and I still cannot update automatically from CIS 5 to CIS 6. I am told that I have to download the 202 Mb installer file and update manually.

Why? And when (can we expect an auto update)?

Many TIA


This is sad & disappointing still they haven’t released autoupgrade from 5 to 6.

Why there is no auto-upgrade ?

Because many people still love using v5. they do not want this auto-upgrade.
and if you want to use CIS6, I recommend you a clean install. And I will understand that you do not want this.

and you can use this link to upgrade to CIS6 if you really want to use.

Actually I do not know but you can keep your settings in this way
and one more thing Do not think “auto upgrade is lower than this (202MB)” :smiley:

Someone should update this page:

updated one is here check please:


Thanks, Yigido.