Why no application control rules list?

One thing I liked about Comodo v2 was the “application control rules” list where I could look at all the applications that were accessing the firewall and choose to block or allow a given app. In version 3, I can’t find such a list – I only have the choice of manually browsing for and entering a trusted or blocked application, but can’t find a way of looking at a whole list of programs and modifying them from the list.

To my mind, this is a huge step backwards in usability. I hope this feature is added in a later patch (or is somewhere hidden that I can’t find). But, for the moment, I’ve gone back to v2. From what I’ve read here, the problems with v3 make it “not ready for prime-time” so far.

Hi nightfly

Look in firewall–> advanced–> network security policy. I think you will find what you want.