why my setup is in arabic ?

i start setup today.
and its shown in arabic language
my windows in hebrew/ english, and windows main is hebrew
so i dont see any good reasion that my setup language will be in arabic !!!
[i dont know why it happen but fix it or its politicly problem that you dont like jews people]

Also for my… it was Arabic !! ???

What are your Windows settings for languages?

After completing the installation, all are english except the predefined policies tab in firewall and D+. ;D

Well, i re-install the CIS 5.8 and get updates with program update, and upgrade to 5.9
Now all sections/parts are English and not any problem. :-TU


I found the problem: the Comodo Internet Security installer. There was a faulty version of it in the first days of 5.9 launch. I downloaded it and it had 58 MB (it was not the Firewall only installer). Now it has 82 MB and it doesn’t have this language problem. So redownload the installer, check that it has 82 MB, uninstall and reinstall Comodo Internet Security or just the firewall.
As a note, I used the full Comodo Internet Security 5.9 installer, I don’t know if the web installer solved this problem(Firewall only one seems to be fine now too), so try installing with the full general or the firewall only installers.