Why my Firefox did not prompt to save login&password for this forum?

Hi all,

I wonder why my Firefox did not prompt me to save login&password for this forum? I just want to save time with login and password. Thank you in advance.


That happened to me yesterday as well. I then reinstalled firefox, tried to login with a wrong password which brought up a different login screen and then logged in and was able to save it. I guess it’s either a SMF login problem or a firefox problem. Not sure which.


Many thanks for the trick. It works like a charm. :wink:

P/S: Don’t even have to reinstall Firefox.

BTW…LastPass is a better free password manager. :o :stuck_out_tongue: http://lastpass.com/

+1 :slight_smile:

I prefer local password database. KeePass + KeeFox is all that I need. :slight_smile:
Database encrypted with password and key file and that’s it.

Well, LastPass is decrypted locally, so even if someone hacked into their servers, or if an employee wanted to, they can’t get your passwords unless you tell them your master password.

So I can access my passwords on most any internet connected PC.

It works better than KeePass ever did for me, too. :slight_smile:

I don’t like the idea to store my database on their servers. If tomorrow they’re out of business or they unplug their servers?
Anyway, it’s a matter of taste, idea is to have an encrypted database with all your passwords. :slight_smile:

I store my passwords written on a paper, inside a drawer on my desk.
And when my niece pops in and asks to use my PC I lock the drawer.

burebista, I use KeePass also. Just for all passwords and not the login ones.

They are stored locally too.

Indeed, SG65 - that is anyway what has to be done no matter what we are using regarding passwords… :wink:

But in addition to what was suggested please try this iMacros Add-on

It has many goodies , but one of them - you just record all your logins ; passwords are strongly encrypted and in addition you can use your Master Password
Then the procedure is just very simple & convenient - just go into the folder with all Sign-Ins & double-click what you need.
All fields will be filled automatically & and you are In - Bob’s your Uncle! ;D


SyberLinx: I now all the softwares recomended here; I’ve tried them (out of curiosity) and yes, they work and they are safe… well, most.
But a password is a password: you have to type it.
And that’s about it, it’s safe as long as it is in your mind (or on paper); It’s safe as it is long (very long) and a combinaion of numbers and letters.
It’s safe as long as no one else as access to it.
It’s safe as long you don’t send it through e-mail (yes, yes people do it) or PM (yes, yes people do it).
It’s safe as long as you respect the first rule: walking the Net is like walking the Street; you have to know your walking.

i also use lastpass. when i found it life became easier. keeping passwords on a piece of paper is dangerous in my house especially with a revengeful little brother. but back to the op’s problem it sounds as if FF is having a problems chrome has done this to me before

SG65 ,

1st there was neither irony or “critical flavour” in my comments about writing down the passwords - that is a necessity no matter what service one’ve chosen to use re: passwords. Period! So, you are right!

Relying on our memory or any given Software concerning the problem - is just as stupid as it gets.
That is similar to the code written by some young programmers, where there is no comments. Just a month or two later if any changes has to be done … just ask him/her to edit the code… You will see a very funny picture , believe me - they will stare at their own 500 lines of code like a “dumb ram looking at the new gates” (that is an expression translated from Russian) … (like they’ve never seen that before !!!) ;D

Finally, sure - sending e-mail addresses into open forums; posting/sending passwords … many will do that …I am not arguing here as well
Eventually & hopefully they will learn their lessons

Well, as for “walking the streets” - that indeed can be dangerous, but in average - most people aware of that much better than they know about the spooky >:-D stuff they can encounter over the Net


I know.

I liked that one. No wonder “bug” found a new meaning in the IT world.